Ninja kids

Our “Ninja Kids” program ages 7-12 uses a variety of methods to keep students’ engaged while teaching them skills they can use for life. We assist students with character development such as concentration, learn respect for self and others, improve their self-esteem and listening skills. We believe in encouragement, and positive reinforcement thought out all the skills we teach. We emphasize a heightened sense of awareness and self-control. We also teach our students:

  • How to stand strong
  • How to minimize being hit
  • How to contact the ground safely
  • How to escape a larger opponent if grabbed
  • How to strike to defend one’s self

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Ninjutsu Adult & Teens 

We study the techniques from a historical standpoint to gain further insight into the how and why they were created. We go over various unarmed scenarios, as well as understanding and utilizing the martial arts secrets that have been passed down for over 900 years. The student studies real world, armed and unarmed fighting in depth.

• Foundational techniques that teach the principles of Ninjutsu
• Secrets on how to become the most efficient martial artist possible
• Ways to restrain a downed attacker
• Principles for dealing with multiple attackers
• How to defend against ground fighters
• Utilizing the skills learned under stressful conditions


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